Classic/Antique Auto Insurance

We know exactly what your car means to you! We also know that antsy feeling when the Spring weather starts peaking through, and you just can't wait to get it back on the road. It's a special car to you and it needs special insurance. Not only does an Antique Auto Insurance policy offer better protection, it typically costs less than your standard car insurance policy. How can you beat that?

At, we represent several antique and classic car insurance companies. That lets us do the shopping for you to make sure your car is protected the way you want, at the price you want! Some of our companies include:

  • Hagerty
  • American Collectors
  • JC Taylor
  • Foremost
  • American Modern
  • Safeco
  • And More...

1961 Corvette

1961 Corvette


Antique and Classic Car policies offer some special features not usually found in a regular car insurance policy. Best of all, some restrictions in terms of vehicle use and age do not apply for most carriers.  These features make sure your prized toy is protected the way it should be. Some of these features are:

  • Agreed Value- The physical damage (comprehensive and collision) coverage on your standard auto insurance policy covers your car on an actual cash value(ACV) basis. This is often described as "fair market value." ACV factors in depreciation and other external. In an Agreed Value policy, your vehicle is covered up to a predetermined amount of coverage.
  • Flatbed Roadside Assistance- In the event where Roadside Assistance is needed, some of our carriers provide flatbed-only roadside assistance.
  • No Deductibles- Some carriers offer $0 deductibles on all physical damage coverage (Comprehensive, Collision, and Glass)
  • Spare Parts Coverage- Classic cars are often an ongoing work in progress. Some policies offer special coverage for the spare parts of your classic and antique cars.


Our Companies Have Flexible Usage and Do Not Restrict on Vehicle Age.  Request a Quote Today!