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I encourage you to take a look ¬†around the site and get to know us. Founded just last year by Ryan Murdie and his brother Paul, BuffaloQuotes.com is a truly unique insurance experience. Whether it’s car insurance, life insurance, business insurance, or homeowner’s insurance, BuffaloQuotes.com can provide you quotes from multiple regional and national carriers.


So what makes BuffaloQuotes.com special? Well, first off, we are affiliated with some of the largest insurance brokers in New York State. That means we can shop your insurance with several carriers and provide you savings not seen elsewhere. Next, through our web-based platform, we offer true 24-hour access. Finally, we will be sharing some invaluable insurance information right here. Stay tuned for the articles, videos, and other media we will be bringing to you. There will usually be tips to make sure you’re properly protected and also not paying too much.


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