Our Pets

Meet a part of our family..  Our Dogs: Bentley & Zoey


Bentley is a Dachshund- Jack Russell Mix. He is an old soul who enjoys sleeping under blankets. When he's not sleeping, Bentley enjoys lounging and relaxing. 

  • Birth Date- 01/17/2011
  • Height- 20.25"
  • Weight- 19.5 lbs
  • Nicknames- Bent, B-Man, Sventley
  • Astrological Sign- Capricorn 


Zoey is a German Shepard- Keeshond Mix. She is a rescue from Akron Canine Rescued Angels. Zoey is a watch dog at heart and always keeps an eye on the surroundings. She enjoys watching TV and messing with Bentley. 

  • Birth Date- 05/13/2013
  • Height- 34.5"
  • Weight- 68lbs
  • Nicknames- Zo, Zo-Ball, Zolaf
  • Astrological Sign- Taurus


Bent and Zoey

Bentley and Zoey Lounging Around